Turf Wars Rio! 05-05-2017

[RR] Ryyst[RR] Ryyst AdministratorPosts: 3,814Registered Users, Administrator
Here are your events for this week's Turf War!

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  • FuraiPinkerFuraiPinker Posts: 12,422Registered Users
    K1 <3 <a href="http://pho.to/AeZ61" rel="nofollow">http://pho.to/AeZ61
  • ARES_NiiTROzzARES_NiiTROzz Posts: 9,670Registered Users
    @FuraiPinker bro the events have been out lol
    ARES NiiTROzz (one space in between)
    ARES NiiTROzz4 (one space in between)
  • Maria7kMaria7k Posts: 529Registered Users
    That's Nice ^.^
    Ign: Ellusionist M

    Racing Rivals Is mah game. Qutting~
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