Purchase of Mia's car starter pack Purchased but NOT loading!!??

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Game just "freezed" while loading and never does anything. Have closed and reopened game, turned off iPad completely then reopened game and still does not show or have loaded my purchase.
Have attempted to repurchase but says "in app purchase has already been bought" restoring and again the game just freezes in the "loading" but doesn't do anything or have loaded the purchase.
Have waited most of the day now and still nothing.

Owners/glu please help thanks

Screen shots:

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  • Machiavelli96Machiavelli96 Posts: 999Registered Users
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    Did send to CS didn't See the post about the 48hrs and refund but I'd (and I'm sure glu corporate) would rather have the purchase fixed but hey if anyone has had this similar problem and know a fix I'm not doing please feel free thx!
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    You need to contact Apple and have them kill the transaction that's in progress. It's a bug that has happened to people when they are buying gems as well. Apple can view your account and see a transaction that was initialized, but never completed....and they'll be able to stop it / kill it. Once that's done, you'll be able to try to purchase it again, and it should work without issue.

    Basically what happened is the game started the transaction, but never finished it - in short, it got stuck. Customer service on the game side won't be able to help....only Apple will be able to. Apple will also be able to refund your money for the purchase as well.
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    Lol ****! Cuz of course the sales over But thanks I figured I wasn't an isolated incident in past any transaction issues why I put this out there.
    @Roush Sport I extremely appreciate the feedback/response! Gives me an idea of how to handle this rather than waiting around not knowing.

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