Racing rivals end?!?!?!?

XXB00573DXXXXB00573DXX Posts: 607Registered Users
Ik this wont happen for awhile but i was thinking if it ever did you should do something for us long time players like letting us kwep our accts and transfer them to racing rivals 2 or whatever the new name will be just because we as a community have invested plenty and alot of money into this game not just money but time and this game has giving us friends and fun times so if you were to create a new game based on rr please keep this in mind again i hope this doesnr happen till im 34 but i cant see the future and sorry for using clickbait on yall if this didnt make sense at all keep in mind im posting this at 3:45am my time


  • SHONCHANDSHONCHAND Posts: 39Registered Users
    Im also to addicted to this game aswell cant afford to lose my cars have spent lots thru PP...
  • 2thpic2thpic Junior Member Posts: 164Registered Users
    Hell0, my name is 2thpic
    I am a racing rivals-aholic.
    Today I took another car from a player, and I liked it.

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